Lime slaking process


Lime slaking is a process where quicklime, CaO, is converted to hydrated lime slurry, Ca(OH)2 by mixing it with water. It is an exothermic process and thus generates heat and steam. Slaked i.e. hydrated lime is used in several applications like in pH control and neutralization, industrial manufacturing processes in pulp&paper and in mining industry.

Adpap Oy Ltd. offers efficient and reliable lime slaking processes. In our portfolio you can find continuous and batch processes as well as continuous paste slaking process.

ADM-lime slaker is a robust mixing unit, which has high efficiency turbine agitator installed on top of mixer tank. Lime slaker tank design and turbine-mixer design with adjustable mixing efficiency makes it possible to produce good quality slaked lime with wide concentration window. In addition to lime slaking, ADM can be used for example for pigment dispersing and coating color mixing.

The ADM-Lime slaker meets current standards and complies with the EN machinery directive and the unit is CE labelled

Operating principle:

In ADM Slaker the quicklime powder is efficiently mixed with water by turbine agitator. Appropriate tank design, good mixing efficiency and sufficient retention time enables best possible Lime slaking result. In ADM-system the operator can choose the produced lime concentration. The selected concentration is achieved with automatic and accurate measurement of water and lime powder. The dosing concentration is measured with ADM Slaker load cell weighing system. Also the temperature is an important factor in slaking. It is continuously measured from the ADM slaker and it can be used for fine tuning of the process. Our ADM-slaking process can be built as continuous or batch-type process depending on the customer’s needs.

After the first phase of slaking the hydrated lime slurry is led to post-slaking unit. There the slaking process is finalized, and heavier undispersed particles are removed from the lime. In post-slaking the slurry is gently mixed, and grit is removed from the bottom with an inclined screw. Post-slaking phase with integrated grit removal enables stable end product quality and minimizes the wearing of subsequent pumps and pipes.

High quality steel is always used in ADM-Slaking process manufacturing. This minimizes the wearing and maximizes the lifetime of the equipment.

ADM-Lime slaker capacityerating principle:

All Adpap Lime slaking systems are tailor-made for customer needs. Individual needs like capacity and environmental circumstances are always considered when designing the process. We are able to build smaller systems with only few kilograms per hour capacity and systems producing several tons of high-quality hydrated lime in hour.


  • Adpap Oy Ltd. delivers tailor-made lime slaking processes, which are designed and optimized for customer needs.
  • Our slaking process can be continuous, batch or Paste slaking type systems.
  • Only high-quality materials are used in slaking process manufacturing, which enables good functioning and long lifetime even in most challenging environments.
  • Adpap can provide single ADM slaker or the complete Lime slaking process from engineering to start-up, including automation system for process operation
  • To make it easy for you, Adpap Ltd. offers also operation assistance and process optimization and complete spare part packages for ADM-Lime slakers.

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