ADS self-cleaning filter

Durable ADS self-cleaning filter for demanding screening

ADS self-cleaning filter are especially developed for screening coating colours, surface size, pigments, milk of lime and other demanding solutions, fluids and slurries.


ADS self-cleaning filter is a robust and compact automatic self-cleaning filter for demanding screening applications. State of the art design of ADS self cleaning filter makes it suitable for many industrial screening purposes in which operational reliability is essential. It is used for example for coating colors, starch, pigments and lime milk as well as for several other challenging screening applications.


The ADS filter meets current standards and complies with the EN machinery directive and the filter unit is CE labelled.




Adpap Ltd. can deliver single automatic self-cleaning filter, multiple filters, or complete ready-made screening processes with integrated automation system according to your needs.


Only high-quality materials are used in filter manufacturing, which enables good functioning and long lifetime even in challenging environment.


ADS self-cleaning filter is an automatic and continuous filter. The operation of the filter is easy and requires only minimum effort from the operating personnel.


With automatic self-cleaning filter the reject removal takes place during operation without interrupting the actual filtration process, which means the filtering is continuous and raw material losses can be kept minimal.


To make it easy for you, Adpap Ltd. can offer operation assistance and filter optimization and complete spare part packages for ADS self-cleaning filters.



ADS self-cleaning operates on inside-out principle. The material is fed into the screen through the upper inlet. Particles smaller than the slot size, flow through the screen drum and the accept is led out from the lower connection located on the side of the vessel. The accept connection is located either directly below the feeding connection or on opposite side.


The particles which do not pass the screen drum are removed from the drum inner surface by scraping blades and sink to the reject space on the lower part of the screen. From the filter bottom the reject is intermittently removed. Outlet valve opening and closing is controlled from automatic control system.


Typically, the reject valve opening time is only few seconds during which the filter is still in operation and the liquid loss due to cleaning is minimal. There is an additional agitator in the reject space on the bottom of the screen. It keeps the accumulated reject material moving preventing the sedimentation and enabling the smooth removal of reject.


A key for good functioning of self-cleaning filter is a continuous two way scraping of the screen inner surface. In ADS filter there are two spring-loaded scraping blades made of synthetic material which remove impurities from the drum surface and keep the pressure difference at sufficient level.


The additional features of the ADS filter are the air removal connection and flushing connection on the screen top cover. In case there is free air present in the liquid and there is a possibility that it may cause problems further in the process it can be easily removed through air removal connection on the ADS filter cover. The flushing nozzle can be used to improve the washing efficiency by introducing water through the nozzle to the contact point of the screen drum and scraping blades while scraping the screen drum inner surface.



Only high-quality materials are used in ADS filter manufacturing. All wetted parts of the ADS filter are made of Stainless Steel (EN 1.4404). The drive shaft of the strainer is sealed to the cover with a cord seal or a mechanical seal depending on the need. The design maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.


There are two excellent alternatives for screening drum design. The screen drum can be manufactured as wedge wire or perforated model. The drum type is chosen based on the customers needs. ADS-self cleaning filter scraper blades are spring loaded and are manufactured of synthetic material. This enables good and efficient, but gentle scraping of particles over the whole area of screen drum.


The scraping blade shaft assembly and the reject space agitator in the bottom of the screen are rotated with a small gear motor.


The screen cover is hinged to the vessel and closed with quick-fastening eye bolts. This allows opening the cover easily without any special tools.



Adpap Ltd. has standard filter sizes for different capacities starting from 50 lpm all the way up to 3000 lpm per filter unit.


Standard filter drum slit/perforation size vary from 75 µm up to 800 µm. The suitable filter type and filtration slit size is always optimized based on customer needs.




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