Ultrasonic technology

Adpap provides and delivers ultrasonic mixing devices for different industries. The ultrasonic units are used for emulsion mixing, dispersing of chemicals and defoaming.

The ultrasonic technology is based on cavitation theory were cavitation bubbles explode and make the mixing. Working at a frequency of 20kHz, the different units are ISP-1200 and ISP-3000 where the different sizes are based on the Watt amount of the unit. The ISP-3000 is 3000W unit that is the largest one.

Different horns are used depending on the process in question.

We work as a retail seller of Sonomechanics ultrasonic units in the Nordic countries and Europe. We plan processes and implement the usage of ultrasonic devices into your process with the help and expertise of Sonomechanics to ensure that the customer gets the right equipment for the process in question. Even demanding materials can be mixed/ dispersed with the ultrasonic mixers.

If one unit isn’t enough for your process there is always an option for multiple units connected in series or parallel.

For more information about the ultrasonic ISP units visit www.sonomechanics.com